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Free Shipping Worldwide today ! 100% money back guarantee

About us


Sicko Shop is a company that nurtures and cultivates neat ideas! Not only do we thrive on solving daily problems with simple solutions, but we also aspire to provide life experiences with a sense of style and uniqueness. At Sicko Shop, we want to tell extraordinary stories through design and experience.

Sicko Shop was started in November 2015, kicking off our first Kickstarter campaign (and successfully getting funded) with our Loop Hook and Wall Mount. We learned a lot and had a blast developing that first product and are back again, this time with our Sicko Wallet.

Whether you are giving us a virtual fist bump, sharing our product through your social media or just curious about our products, your support is critical to Sicko Shop's success. Thank you for joining us in our mission of bringing quality product to the market - fitting an active lifestyle with industrial design.

Charlie Carroll -  Co-Founder & CEO, has traveled extensively throughout the world for the past 5 years, learning about design, development and production of consumer electronic accessories. He has gained an understanding of what it takes to design, manufacture and ship good quality product, all while being on a tight schedule and meeting critical deadlines. He is passionate about product and functional design. He has always wanted to make "cool" products that people can relate to and see value in. 

Thuan Tran - Co-Founder & Chief Creative Designer - Working for companies like Element Case and consulting for Leap Design and RoBo 3D, he has experience in both a hands on and advisory roles of design: everything from ideation and sketching through 3D CAD and product CMF (colors, materials and finishes). Over the years, Thuan has developed a keen eye for superior aesthetics and an in-depth understanding of how design can not only build a creative culture, but also inspire a creative lifestyle. Thuan's goal is to build and cultivate a progressive world where art and design matter in people’s lives.  

Binh Tran - Creative Director & Graphic Artist - Over 15 years experience in Graphic Design & Corporate Identity. Working with companies such as, Etón Corp, Grundig Radio, Whipsaw, Honda Research Labs, Launchpad Studio, London Road Design, Nimbus Design, Liquid Agency, Wagic Inc., Gee+Chung Design & Cherry Design. Binh continues to fine tune visual communication & graphic design with the intent to build unique brand (cultural) experiences.